HE ,SHE… a good friend or more than a good friend


He belongs to a boys school. She was in complete girly environment. He was good at keeping people framed with his violin and she was good at making their heart dance with her moves. Destiny made them meet once and next it was planned.   She said good friends. He swore the same.

Good friends…..He point out at other girl’s curves and She can discuss about her period cramps to the new movie release. They discussed everything and everyone. There was nothing weird and embarrassing. Sometimes dancing, his hands on her waist, holding her close, they would sway to the music and sometimes during her violin lessons he lean in close, but they tried to escape the possibility either by smiling or closing eyes.

She was a party animal and he was a passionate racer. She gets high most of times and he swiftly cover her tracks. Supporting each other, singing cheap Hindi songs, with cheaper booze in hands they hugged each other and named it a bestie hug. He thought of his oath and she was still stuck with the promise. They were Good Friends……

And then one late night, traveling countryside  enjoying the full moon sight, Half asleep, Half drunk hands in hands , watching each other, stumbling lips. having finally stopped caring about promises and oaths. They were more than Good Friends.

2 thoughts on “HE ,SHE… a good friend or more than a good friend

  1. Girls have Endless Demands & Never Ending Expectations of Their Man. And Why wont They? If REAL She Chooses You over All the Others , You are Supposed to do More than What Any Average Guy would Do for Her.

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