The Choice

the choice

They were in a relationship , something happened, he broke her heart and she tortured his feelings, now they are friends but they still care about each other, they know each others darkest secret, She cant see him irritated and he can do anything for her happiness. They talk everyday. They cant live apart in same cities. Their choices are same, tastes have no difference. They are always together in each others good or bad. They still have fights, they abuse each other but they don’t stop caring for each other. She is always good for him.

There is a another she. He loves her. She is the most real thing ever happened to him. They tried to be in a relationship, but everything got worst between them, they barely talk but he is still stuck with her.They are nevermore together in each others good or bad. He still thinks about her during his moments. He cant give up on her memories. Her presence or absence in his life, changes him, challenges him, surprises him, make him a good or bad person. She can either be the best or worst for him.

Life is a moving frame but our choices  matters a lot.

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