“BabE Doll main Sone di”


My business was with the next hall but i keep admiring things….

1…2…3….4 counting started so does she started moving in vanity. She became the most happening thing around me. With every step she was claming a part of mine.  She was wearing a scarlet red and white jersey with really short sleeves looking unbearably hot. She was dancing and acting at the same time; she was smiling and faking together. I was in a parallel universe. Her expression has been my heart undoing.  Waving head in air, her eyes caught my gaze. The show ended.

I hated dancing before my eyes saw her. Now I want to spend hours dancing with her furnishing all the moves. I will memorize every single step with my closed eyes. I will become the best dancer that I never was if she will be my partner.


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